Friday, July 2, 2010

sister ?

Its a fact, i cry buckets then ;(
Gila sedih gila gilaa la last day.
Tatau na describe sedih sampai level mana.
Rase macam being a damn, sebab hurt you.

Im sorry, i didn’t have a heart to hurt you.
Its all, i did not mean it sayyang.
Its just, im hurt cz i just keep thinking it alone.
And thats why, i told you how my feelings were like.
Uhhh. I knew, its too private to tell it all out here.
But i just want YOU to know,
I just express it all out to you,
Its actually i didn’t want to think it off.
Gonna throw that feelings , jaoh jaohh !
Far far away from here, so let you don’t worry.
No worries then, i wont think it back.
Just to let you know ,

Its good to have some beautiful memories with you ,
Its good to spend time together ;)

Thank You for everything ,
Im sorry for those thing ,
Just to tell you know a thing ;

Will be on the next day,
As happy as the past ?

Will be on the next day ,
Get to spend time with you ?

Will be on the next day ,
Like what we’re used to be ?

Will be on the next day ,
Just like what the past ?

And what i really scare of ;

Will be on the next day ,
You’ll say its JUST the past ?

I love, being by your side.
Im happy with you kakak ♥


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