Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bye Bye :)

the TRUTH :)


Account Cancellation
We're sorry you're leaving MySpace!

Please let us know why you're cancelling your account. You can really help us improve MySpace!

= I'm bored with MySpace
= I'm getting too much spam or too many friend requests
= I'm concerned about Privacy
= I'm getting too much email from MySpace
= There is too much drama
= Some other reason

i clicked YES for the first reason, i'm bored with myspace.

Account Cancellation Request Sent

Your request to cancel your MySpace account has been sent. You will receive an
email shortly with instructions for confirming that you wish to cancel.

You must follow the instructions in that email to complete cancellation of your
account. Thank You.


oyeah, im DONE. dah delete myspace. dah cancel account myspace.
macam-ontah-ape-ape je :/

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