Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One of My Wish.
*harapan berbentuk khayalan. HAHA

In a car.

HH; Abah, actually where do you want to bring me ?
Dad; Just have a silent seat. *smile
HH; *nervous plus excited. Ouh okay.
Dad; There’s a newspaper. Just have a read.
HH; as you are my greatest dad, i obey you.
Dad; Ngaa. That’s my daughter bytheway.
HH; Why don’t you say, your eldest cutest daughter ?
Dad; Whatever you says,long.
HH; Just say you admit that i am. Hihi :D *proud
Dad; Along along. You’re always just like this aaah.
HH; And i guess. So do you. Im excited.
Dad; Excited for what?
HH; To the place that we want to go lah.
Dad; I guess so.
HH; Abah, isn’t this way to the KBMALL ?
Dad; Yes, thats how clever you are.
HH; Why you haven’t told me before ?
Dad; As you’ll know it by yourself.
HH; I guess so. *happy

In a supermarket.

Dad; Along, can you just hurry up? Im in a big hurry. Around 3pm, i have a meeting with my client.
HH; Oh okay, but wait a minute. Which one is BETTER or else THE BEST perfume for ummi ?
Dad; Just choose it. I Know you are a good chooser like your mom.
HH; okay. I’ll take this. Can you pay it for me?
Dad; Well ya, why don’t you use yours?
HH; Lack of money. *ridiculous!
Dad; Thats why i adviced u as always, try to be smart.
HH; i will for the next time ;)
Dad; Done! So, let us go to other’s place.
HH; I don’t know where is the ‘place’ is.
Dad; So then just follow me. I’ll bring you.

*entering the ‘place’
HH; Abah, do you want to buy the new one camera ? I guess you already have one.
Dad; and i guess, i’ll buy a new one and thats for my eldest one.
HH; Err, i just want the digital SLR one. *wink wink
Dad; I want to buy that one laaah.
HH; Are you effing sure for that ? Im just in 2nd former.
Dad; So, if you’re in 2nd former, you didn’t deserved to have that ?
HH; If you ask me, I DESERVED, and thats my only answer.
Dad is talking to the supervisor while HH is looking for her DSLR.
Dad ; Along, have a look this. I guess, Nikon is the best.
HH; i prefer Nikon too bytheway ;)
Dad; Miss,D3100 please.*talked to the supervisor
HH; *silent.
Dad; D3100. Is it pretty okay for you ?
HH; i guess. More than okay. *lucky!
Dad; you just wait here. I want to pay it.
*paid the DSLR.
HH; Abah, can i ask you a something ?
Dad; are you sure, it is A ?
HH; only a something for this time.
Dad; What it is ?
HH; Am i in a dreamland ?
Dad; No, you’re not. I guess, you thought so, as you took so longer to have this.
HH; and thats why i guess im a princess in a dreamland. *bling
Dad; HAHA. Do take a good care for your DSLR.
HH; Thanks abah :)

PS. Harapan Berbentuk Khayalan.
Berkhayal sampai mana mana pon boleh.
Sampai SPAIN pon boleh =___=

okay. ni jes aku BERHARAP. mak aih.
tasneem cakap, ingatkan dapat SUNGGUH.


  1. dream la tuh.
    yeah, even smpy mars pon blh kalau name berkhayal :)
    thnks fr following
    kasi gempakk eh kt my blog-yg-ntah-apa-apa-tu

    yeah. i know you la budakk:]

  2. memang. sweet dream lah :D
    mars? nak pegi jupiter lah. KIKIKI
    thx twoo (:

    i know you twoo la senior !