Saturday, July 24, 2010

Digital Single Lens Reflex

.Digital Single Lens Reflex.

Nikon d5000_6 Pictures, Images and Photos

If you HAD owned it, what that MAYBE you want to do;

1. Text to all your friends that you GOT that thing.
(tu dah macam riak dah tu, CANCEL ! )

2. Thanks to Allah, cz He had give you a thing that you take so longer to have it.
(tu the first thing kene wat, SUJUD SYUKUR !)

3. Kiss Abah & Ummi for two hours.
(eh lama nye, kalo kiss ummi lame takpe. Ni abah? segan lah!)

4. Share your happy moments and write it on your blog.
(ofcourse,aku nak huraikan dari saat-saat dapat bende tu)

5. Start from that, you have to promise on yourself, STUDY,study,study.
(aku nak buat ummi abah bangga kat aku!)

(ceh, sampai begitu sekali, karena satu DSLR)


For sure, kalo aku tak dapat DSLR pon, aku nak wat ummi abah bangge.
Kalo aku tak dapat DSLR pon, aku still nak study study study.
Kalo aku tak dapat DSLR pon, aku still nak kiss abah ummi :p
Kalo aku tak dapat DSLR pon, aku bersyukur dengan apa yang Allah dah bagi selama ni.

Maybe, aku tak dapat DSLR, ada hikmah di sebalik tu.
Maybe aku dapat lagi HEBBBBBAT dari DSLR kot. Kan?

Nikon D-5000. For sure, earthlings. I envy with the DSLR owners. Espeacially, owner of NIKON D-5000. To the DSLR owners, you had won. You had made HasyaHannani envy with all of you. So, keep showing off your DSLR okay? Then, HH will just keep hoping that her parents will ALSO buy to her. Ngahaha. She will study SMART,more to smarter and the SMARTEST one. Just to get DSLR? Ngahaha. Not just only that thing. She really want her BELOVED parents, proud of her.

Ummi & Abah,

I love you. I love you more than anything else.
*and, i WANT you
MORE than i WANT that DSLR.

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