Friday, July 2, 2010

Kawan, terimakasih terimakasih utk segalanya (:

When i cry, you been there for me.
When im sad, you cheer me up.
I asked why, and you said;
thats what a bestfriend does.

b e s t f r i e n d s .
understand when you say forget it.
wait forever,when you say is just a minute
stay by your side when you say leave me alone.
its those time we go,so crazy people think we're high
the times we make each other laugh till we cry
all the inside jokes and those 'remembers when'
those are the reasons, they call us bestfriend.

Thanks to, B.U.M partner ;)
Adibah Yasmin , Anis Syafiqah , Nor Farhana , Nurul Kasyifah , Razan Asyiqin , Tasneem , Ulfah .
*terimakasih terimainikasih :D

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